Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book on Sale

Ashes & Ice by GK Parker is on Sale at the Publisher's web site!


A shrewd look came over the man's seamed face. It turned into a grin. With a nod he pointed to the end of the stable. "Last stall on the left. She's showin' a hint of lameness. Bring her up and if yer such a know it all, let's see if you can figure out what's troubling her." 

He strode toward the stall. What was he going to find? From the liveryman's smirk this wasn't anything ordinary. A halter and lead hung from a nail beside the half door. On the other side was a gas-lamp, which he lit. He raised it so he could see inside the box stall. 

The horse was huge. Bigger than huge. Must be eighteen, nineteen hands, at least. He was a big man, but not beside this behemoth. A massive black-and-white animal, she stood, her rump toward him, ears pinned when he stepped up to the stall. He tried to guess her lineage. The Shire was obvious in her sheer size, but there had to be some Irish cob in her to get that color and such long feathers and mane. The foot-long mane was matted; how long would it be when it was no longer tangled? As a young boy, he'd always been excited when the tinkers came through town, even though all the adults warned him not to trust them. But their horses were the most beautiful he'd ever seen. 

He took another step and gripped the door. Her ears shot back and she stamped her massive hind legs and the door shook. 

It was going to be like that. He threw a glance back to find the livery man leaning on a stall door, watching. What kind of show was he expecting?
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