Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lost horse 1853

Horse Lost~$10 Reward

HE broke the rope with which he was tied, leaving a piece around his neck. A white horse shod all around, a small sore on his back, lean in flesh, and branded on the left thigh. The subscriber will pay $10, to the man that brings the horse to him at the Iron house Los Angeles – ADAM BLAND

I wonder if he ever got his horse back? Either that was a very valuable horse or this was a misprint. Back in 1853 $10 was a lot of money.

Pearls of wisdom from the past

A man who has traveled some, says that there is no country in the world where wives are more worshiped than they are in France. He regrets to say, however, that all the adoration comes from somebody else's husband.

Los Angeles Star April 2, 1853